[Finetech Japan 2014] Fine Hybrid Mask, the new technology f..
  At Finetech Japan, a technology was unveiled that can realize high resolution over 450ppi with RGB method. It is developed by V-technology to realize the fine hybrid mask (FMH) by applying FMM mask and hybrid sheet. An official from V-technology described, “the FMH method could solve the fine pitch patterning, which was difficult to perform on the existing metal, by the high-resolution patterning the hybrid sheet with laser after attaching the hybrid sheet to the FMM mask” and anno..
Success of Visionox in developing a 570ppi HD AMOLED Technology
LG Display, spurring to target Chinese OLED TV market
    LG Display unfolds a full-scale marketing targeting China, the world’s largest TV market, to expend the ..
[Film tech 2014]Current condition of Japanese barrier film
Number of companies selling the flexible display materials is increasing as the flexible display brings the attention as the f..
[Finetech Japan 2014] Is the Solution Process a key to the OLED lighting market?..
At present, there are about 20 companies including Osram, Philips and LG Chem. who develop or sell the OLED lighting panels, how..
[Light+Building 2014] LG Chemical
LG 77 Curved OLED TV 3
LG 77 Curved OLED TV 2
22% Growth of 2014 OLED Lumine..
It is expected that the growth rate of the materials market ..
Where OLED businesses of Samsu..
Samsung Elec. that released the world’s first 55 inch curved..
[Finetech Japan 2014] Fine Hyb..
  At Finetech Japan, a technology was unveiled tha..
Blooming of OLED TV market, wh..
It has been more than a year since the 55” OLED TV had bee..
Grand launching Galaxy S5 to 1..
Samsung Electronics (SSE), the world’s top smart phone maker..
OLED, long way ahead. What’s w..
The dark cloud is deepened to the OLED business of Samsung D..
Mitsubishi Chem. and Pioneer e..
Pioneer and Mitsubishi founded the company whose name is M..
Feel lab released a specially ..
Japanese Feel Lab released an OLED lamp of special design. I..
Success of Visionox in dev..
LG Display, spurring to ta..
    LG Display unfolds a full-scale ma..
[Finetech Japan 2014] Is the S..
At present, there are about 20 companies including Osram, ..
[Finetech Japan 2014] Future D..
At the keynote session of Finetch Japan 2014 held from the..
[Film tech 2014]Current condit..
Number of companies selling the flexible display materia..
Merck, how do they deal with t..
Merck held Merck LC insight 2013 on October 29th and it ha..
SNU Precision, it jumps ov..
SNU Precision, a Korean equipment company, has placed an ord..
[Interview] Chairman Park ..
In March 2009, President Park JaeGyu of Gonga Elteck, a po..
Fuji Film, sales of OLED paten..
Fuji Film announced sales of about 1200 OLED related patents..
Konica Minolta developed inkje..
Konica Minolta IJ Technologies, Inc. (Konica Minolta) anno..
RGB VS WOLED + CF, which ..
LG and Samsung released 55” curved FHD OLED TV in April an..
Soluble OLED starts from ..
Soluble OLED, which is currently the biggest issue in the OL..
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