O’CLESS, Haechan Design’s Brand, unveiled the nation’s first..
‘International LED & OLED EXPO 2014’ was held from the 5th to 8th. The participating company, Haechan Design is a brand called O’CLESS which drew much attention from visitors by exhibiting the products applying OLED lighting panel for the first time in Korea. Using thin and light panel, majority of displayed products emphasized the portability. Regarding this, the personnel from Haechan Design said, ‘A number of products were manufactured to promote portability to highlight the ad..
Samsung Display, shooting for the future of display
The DVCE (Display Valley Conference & Exhibition), supported by Samsung Display is held in every November in Asan, Chungcheo..
SolMateS developed ITO deposition technology without damage
The Dutch deposition equipment specialized company SolMateS unveiled the new OLED deposition process. The newly developed dep..
UBI Research, to hold ‘OLED Core Technology Seminar’
UBI Research (www.ubiresearch.co.kr, President Chung-hoon Lee) has announced the opening of ‘OLED Core Technology Seminar’ sched..
Ason, preparing OLED lighting growth platform for Japan
The Japanese OLED lighting company Ason Technology introduced their technology and business direction through the OLED info. ..
OLED Tree Bar by AB Rogers at May Design Series 2014
[SID 2014] SEL 13.3inch 8L AMOLED
[SID2014] SEL Fordable AMOLED
UDC, OLED market awaiting to b..
On the 6th, Universal Display Corporation (UDC), the U.S pa..
Korean Display Companies, need..
As the sales of Korean display companies drop drastically, ..
SolMateS developed ITO deposit..
The Dutch deposition equipment specialized company SolMateS..
LGD, Plastic OLED Technology A..
 LG Display (LGD) is promoting actively as unveiling t..
Asus, Entering smart watch mar..
The foreign media ‘Techcrunch’ reported that Asus will rele..
LG’s OLED TV, selected as ‘the..
The OLED TV of LG Electronics was named as the ‘Best TV’ of..
O’CLESS, Haechan Design’s Bran..
‘International LED & OLED EXPO 2014’ was held from the ..
LG Chem., provide OLED lightin..
LG Chem. continues its intense marketing activities for the..
Samsung, to open market fo..
Phonearena, a dedicated website providing smartphone relate..
Declining Japan’s Display ..
The downtrend of Japanese display industry became obvious o..
Ason, preparing OLED lighting ..
The Japanese OLED lighting company Ason Technology introduc..
Germany, invests EUR 5.9millon..
Fraunhofer FEP announced that the BMBF(the Germany Federal M..
Yamagata University develops l..
 According to a Japanese media, Nikkei, organic device ..
Emitting material top seller i..
According to [2014 OLED Emitting Material Annual Report] by ..
AMOLED manufacturing equip..
According to an equipment report, “2014 AMOLED manufacturing..
Samsung leads Flexible OLE..
As major equipment companies publicly announced their contra..
Fuji Film, sales of OLED paten..
Fuji Film announced sales of about 1200 OLED related patents..
Konica Minolta developed inkje..
Konica Minolta IJ Technologies, Inc. (Konica Minolta) anno..
Taiwan grows OLED lightin..
According to CTIMES, a Taiwanese professional electronics i..
RGB VS WOLED + CF, which ..
LG and Samsung released 55” curved FHD OLED TV in April an..
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