[IFA2014] Future of LG is OLED

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LG unveiled the smart watch LG G Watch R and 77-inch 4K OLED TV at the IFA.


Equipped with the 1.3-inch round display using the advantages of the plastic OLED, the LG G Watch R with the round plastic OLED (flexible OLED), distinguished itself from existing smart watches of a square screen resulting from the properties of display. Furthermore, its design approach has improved from the assumed notion of typical crude smart watch shape, presenting the all new circular display which is by no means inferior to conventional analog watches.


One of the critical issues regarding a smart watch is battery life. While an analog watch requires battery replacement once in a year or even 2-3 years, the smart watch needs to be charged at least once or twice a day minimum. So the screen turns off whenever it is not in use. LG enhanced the battery capacity from300mAh to 410mAh, emphasizing that it is a smart watch available all day by providing it with the Always On function that never turns off the screen to check time like an analog watch.


Unlike the Tizen, another smart watch for Galaxy Gear with AMOLED, it is installed with the Android Wear OS. With the voice control function of Google, it lets you search, message, and email.


The 4K OLED TV exhibited at the LG booth was total ten products with one 55-inch 4K, three 65-inch 4K, one variable 77-inch and six Curved OLED TV.

LG touted the OLED TV with three concepts titled Life like color, True black, and Self-lighting pixel. Providing lifelike and true to form experiences with videos magnifying the high contrast ratio, the 77inch 4K flexible OLED TV is the largest 4K OLED TV at present.


More than 50% of LG booth was comprised of the G watch S and OLED TV, demonstrating the scope of OLED business in the present and also the future of LG.

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