[MWC2015] Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy 6 and the ‘ultimate weapon’ Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Electronics, currently leading the world’s smart phone market along with Apple, showcased intensively developed Galaxy 6 and the ‘ultimate weapon’ Galaxy S6 Edge.

Following Galaxy S5, S6 used rigid AMOLED panel. However, Galaxy S6 Edge, following Galaxy Note 4 Edge, used flexible AMOLED and chose a new design where both sides of the edge are curved.

At the Samsung Elec.’s unpack event, held a day before the opening of MWC2015, Samsung Elec. CEO JK Shin was confident that everything changed except for the name. Galaxy S6 is Samsung Elec.’s ‘ultimate weapon’ where they concentrated all of their efforts in order to rectify S5’s slump. Galaxy S6’s 64-bit, 14-nanometer AP, 577ppi flexible AMOLED, and wireless charging technologyare such efforts. Its design that includes metal body, 2-sided edge, and graceful curves that link display and body is also a masterpiece that was not seen in any other products.

The main reason that Samsung Elec. could apply artistic design was flexible AMOLED produced by Samsung Display. It allowed the product to express the elegantly curved lines of hanbok, Korean traditional dress, through the main body and arched 4-sided corners. Furthermore, the chemistry of the glistening metal body together with the deep blue, a first for flexible AMOLED, can cut the most appealing figure of the existing smart phones.

150303_[MWC2015]Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy 6 and the ‘ultimate weapon’ Galaxy S6 Edge<Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung>

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