Samsung Electronics Unveils Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

On August 13 (local time), Samsung Electronics unveiled Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York, US. JK Shin, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics presented the new products. Shin emphasized that Galaxy Note5 is focused on practicality and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus on design.


Galaxy Note 5 has 5.7inch QHD (2560X1440) AMOLED panel with Exynos 7422 processor and 4GB of RAM. With a curved back, it is easier to hold in hand. The thickness was reduced to 7.6mm from Galaxy Note4’s 8.5mm. Another new feature is having the S Pen popping out like a spring, and improved writing function. Additionally, even when the screen is off, memo app can be turned on by removing the S Pen.


Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has curved sides to its display, much like Galaxy S6 Edge. The size increased to 5.7inch, 0.6inch larger than Galaxy S6 Edge’s 5.1inch. With the resolution of 2560X1440, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus generally shares same specs as Galaxy Note5.


As both products utilize Samsung Pay and wireless charging, it is analyzed that these features will continue to be applied to future products.


Samsung Electronics have been unveiling new releases of Galaxy Note series at IFA held in September each year. However, they moved up the release by approximately 1 month, and chose Lincoln Center, in New York, US, Apple’s playground, showing active response against iPhone 6S which will be released in 1 month.


Gear A, although anticipated to be revealed during this event, was not presented. It is now more likely that it will be shown in IFA next month.



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