[Lighting Japan 2016] LED Lighting Industry Crisis. Solution?

Osram Bussiness Unit Digital Systems's CEO, Geert van der Meer, Lighting Japan 2016

Osram Bussiness Unit Digital Systems’s CEO, Geert van der Meer, Lighting Japan 2016


In Lighting Japan 2016 Keynote Session, Geer van der Meer, CEO of Osram Business Unit Digital Systems, suggested directions for future lighting industry.


Geert van der Meer explained that the current lighting market is rapidly adopting LED, but the large volume of Chinese products is decreasing the price of LED source and device quickly. He emphasized that with the trend of disappearance of lighting companies’ profit, new business format is required to create profit.


The new businesses suggested by Osram are embedded lighting, and connected and smart lighting. He suggested lighting industry should move toward where the lighting can be used as part of building materials through internal installations and utilization as indirect illumination, and adopt smart system and form smart building and furthermore, smart city.


The current lighting market’s players are being joined by IT related companies, BMS (business management system) companies, and electronic appliances companies, and its megatrend is changing rapidly. Accordingly, Osram is expanding from the existing lighting to lighting electronics such as module and control gears, lighting solution system, and specialty lighting such as OLED and automotive. Osram also revealed that they took over a wireless energy management system company called ENCELIUM and intensifying focus on smart lighting system business.


Smart system provides many different functions such as energy reporting, remote and preventative maintenance, personal lighting control, and zone analysis among others and can optimize energy reduction, maintenance cost reduction, and workspace environment. Van der Meer emphasized that new function can be created through lighting used area’s data analysis and become the focus of future lighting analysis.


[Lighting Japan 2016] LED 조명산업의 위기, 해결책은?

Osram Bussiness Unit Digital Systems의 CEO, Geert van der Meer, Lighting Japan 2016

Lighting Japan 2016의 keynote session에서 Osram Bussiness Unit Digital Systems의 CEO인 Geert van der Meer은 조명산업이 앞으로 나아가야 할 방향에 대해 제시하였다.

Geert van der Meer은 “현재 조명시장은 LED화가 급격하게 진행되고 있지만 중국업체들의 물량 공세에 LED source와 기구 가격이 급격히 하락하고 있어 조명 제조업체들의 이윤창출이 없어지고 있는 추세라며, 이윤을 창출하기 위한 새로운 비즈니스 형태가 필요하다.”라고 강조하였다.

Osram이 제시한 새로운 비즈니스는 embedded lighting과 connected and smart lighting으로 조명들을 내설하거나 간접조명으로의 활용을 통해 실내 인테리어와 같은 건축자재의 일부로 사용하고, smart system을 도입하여 smart building과 더 나아가 smart city를 구성하는 방향으로 나아가야 한다고 발표하였다.

현재 조명시장은 기존의 조명업체 뿐만아니라 IT관련업체와 BMS(Business Management System)업체, 가전업체들까지 가세하고 있는 추세여서 조명산업의 Megatrend가 빠르게 변하고 있다. 이에 따라 Osram 기존 조명에서 탈바꿈하여 모듈과 control gears와 같은 조명용 electronics와, Lighting solution system, OLED와 automotive와 같은 specialty lighting등으로 사업확장을 진행 중이며, 특히 ENCELIUM이라는 wireless energy management system 업체를 인수하여 smart lighting system 사업을 집중적으로 강화하고 있다고 밝혔다.

이러한 smart system은 energy reporting과 remote and preventive maintenance, personal lighting control, zone analysis 등이 가능하게 되어 energy절감과 유지비용 감소, workspace환경 최적화를 할 수 있으며 특히 zone analysis는 조명이 사용된 공간의 데이터분석을 통해 새로운 용도를 창출 가능하여 앞으로의 조명산업의 핵심이 될 것이라고 강조하였다.