[CES 2016] What is This Year’s Trend?

At the press event of CES 2016 (January 6-9), CEA revealed that this year’s CES trends are as follows:

  1. Ambient sensing
  2. Aggregated learning
  3. A maturing of nascent ecosystems.


Ambient sensing includes products with motion/touch sensors, calorie analyzing sensor, and products that automatically adjust water volume after checking the weight of the laundry. Aggregated learning’s representative technology and products are driverless vehicles. Lastly, the maturing of nascent ecosystems includes VR (virtual reality), UHD, wearable device with health and fitness function, drone, 3D printer, and smart home.


Compared to last year’s trends, what has been most changed was the part where the automotive related technology was introduced as adaptive customization within permeation of logic in CES 2015.


However, this year the aggregated learning was changed to autonomous vehicle (i.e. driverless car) and demonstrated CES’ high expectations for future automotive industry.


[CES2016] 올해의 트렌드는?

CES2016이 개막되기 전 4일부터 미리 개막되는 프레스 행사에서 CEA는 올해의 CES 트렌드는 1)ambient sensing, 2)aggregated learning, 3)a maturing of nascent ecosystem이라고 밝혔다.123

Ambient sensing에는 모션 센서와 터치 센서가 내장되는 제품들과 칼로리를 분석하는 센서, 빨래양을 무게로 확인하고 물을 양을 자동으로 조정하는 제품들이 여기에 속한다. Aggregated learning에는 대표적인 기술과 제품이 무인 운전자동차이다. 마지막으로 A maturing of nascent ecosystems에는 VR(virtual reality), UHD, health와 fitness 기능들이 들어있는 wearable 기기, drone, 3D printer, smart home이 속한다.

CES2015의 트렌드와 비교해서 가장 달라진 부분은 작년 자동차 관련 기술 부분이 permeation of logic 내의 adaptive customization이라고 소개 되었다.


하지만 금년에는 aggregated leaning에서 autonomous vehicle(ie driverless cars)로 소개 되며 CES에서는 향후 자동차 산업 전망을 높게 보고 있음을 나타내었다.