[MWC2015] Smart Watch Trend, LG Electronics is On It

The rapidly rising product to become the key item for IoT industry is a wearable device, smart watch. Various companies are already producing numerous products for the smart watch market. Beginning with smart band, the majority of smart watches had square face, but since LG Electronics joined this market, the trend started to change into a classic watch design.

In 2014, LG Elec. revealed G Watch in various events and became involved in its sales. Following the existing watch, they employed high-end sports watch design. While many experts estimated smart device with differentiated design from existing watches would become popular, the actual market responded to a round faced watch design, more familiar to the public after more than 100 years of use.

Subsequent to G Watch, LG Elec. revealed LG Watch Urbane in MWC2015. Compared to G Watch, Urbane arrived with higher class appearance.

Chinese set company Huawei introduced a smart watch with round shaped AMOLED in MWC2015, reacting to the success of G Watch. Samsung Elec. is also expected to release circular faced device for the next smart watch.

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