CES 2018: Expected to Showcase Low to Mid-End Smartphones

By Hana Oh (hanaoh@ubiresearch.com)

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are going to unveil low to mid-end smartphones at CES 2018 instead of their mainstream smartphones.

Samsung Electronics will showcase 5.6-inch Galaxy A8 and 6-inch Galaxy A8 Plus at CES 2018. The Galaxy A8(2018) series are expected to adopt a 18: 9 ratio full screen OLED similar to Galaxy S8 design with almost zero bezel.

<Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy A8, Source: news.samsung.com>

LG Electronics is going to introduce four K series, K3, K4, K8, and K10. Among them, K10 has a 5.3 inch FHD LCD and it is changed to X series in Korea and is expected to be released at the end of January.

Meanwhile, there is an opinion that Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics’ plan to release low to mid-end smartphones is a bulwark against Huawei which announced the entry into the North American smartphone market.

Huawei has recently partnered with AT&T to sell the Mate 10 series in the US from February 2018. Mate 10 has a 5.9 inch IPS LCD, and Mate 10 PRO has a 6-inch OLED. Huawei announced that it will aggressively advance into the North American market to become the world’s second-largest smartphone maker, outpacing Apple this year.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics intend to strengthen their low to mid-end smartphone specifications up to the premium level as well as their flagship smartphones to dominate the smartphone market until new mainstream smartphones are launched and to check other companies including Huawei.

Meanwhile, more details such as the price and mobile provider of Huawei Mate 10 series to be released in North America will be disclosed at the CES 2018 exhibition.

<Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro, Source: GSMArena.com>


CES 2018, 중저가 스마트폰 맞대결 전초전 될 것

By Hana Oh (hanaoh@ubiresearch.com)

Samsung Electronics와 LG Electronics가 CES 2018에서 주력 스마트폰이 아닌 중저가 스마트폰을 공개 할 것으로 알려졌다.

Samsung Electronics는 CES 2018에서 5.6 inch의 Galaxy A8과 6 inch의 Galaxy A8 Plus를 선보인다. Galaxy A8(2018) series는 베젤이 거의 없는 Galaxy S8 디자인과 유사한 18 대 9 비율의 full screen OLED를 적용할 것으로 알려졌다.

<Samsung Electronics의 Galaxy A8, Source: news.samsung.com>

LG Electronics는 K3와 K4, K8, K10 등 총 4종의 K series를 선보인다. 이 중 K10은 5.3 inch FHD LCD가 적용 되었으며 국내에서는 X series로 변경되어 1월 말에 출시 예정인 것으로 알려졌다.

한편, Samsung Electronics와 LG Electronics의 이번 중저가 스마트폰 공개가 북미 스마트폰 시장 진출을 선언한 Huawei를 견제하기 위함이라는 시선도 있다.

Huawei는 최근 AT&T와 제휴하여 Mate 10 series를 2018년 2월부터 미국에서 판매할 예정인 것으로 알려졌다. Mate 10은 5.9 inch IPS LCD가 탑재 된 제품이며 Mate 10 PRO는 6 inch OLED가 탑재 된 제품이다. Huawei는 올해 Apple을 제치고 전세계 2위 스마트폰 제조사로 부상하기 위해 북미 시장에 적극적으로 진출하겠다고 선언한 바 있다.

Samsung Electronics와 LG Electronics는 주력 스마트폰 외에 중저가 스마트폰 사양도 프리미엄급으로 강화하여, 주력 스마트폰 신제품이 출시되기 전까지 스마트폰 시장을 주도하고 Huawei를 포함한 타 업체들을 견제하기 위함으로 보인다.

한편, 북미에서 출시 될 Huawei Mate 10 series의 가격과 통신사 등 자세한 내용은 CES 2018 전시회에서 공개 될 전망이다.

<Huawei의 Mate 10 Pro, Source: GSMArena.com>

Samsung Launches TV PLUS in Thailand and Vietnam

Source = Samsung Elec.

Samsung Launches TV PLUS Service in Thailand and Vietnam. (Source = Samsung Elec.)

Hyunjoo Kang / jjoo@olednet.com

Samsung Electronics today announced that its TV PLUS service is now available in Thailand and Vietnam on 2016 Samsung Smart TV UHD Models. All other Smart TV models, including Full HD Smart TVs, will be supported by the end of June. This service enables users to find exciting video clips by simply moving to designated channels, instead of having to toggle between different apps.

As a part of the TV PLUS upgrade, users in Thailand and Vietnam will automatically receive four popular Korean Pop channels of CJ E&M’s ‘Tving TV’ including Awesome Singers (Channel 101/555), KPOP Boy Group Stage (Channel 102/556), KPOP Girl Group Stage (Channel 103/557), and M Countdown (Channel 104/558). Further ahead in 2016, Samsung plans to collaborate with additional global and local content partners to expand the channels and variety offered on the service.

“We are thrilled to offer TV PLUS and exciting K-POP content to our users in Thailand and Vietnam,” said WonJin Lee, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “TV PLUS is a new kind of Smart TV service that creates a better user experience, and enables consumers to watch their favorite programming in a more integrated way. We are committed to continuing to develop and launch new services that meet the unique needs of our Smart TV owners.”

TV PLUS can be enjoyed by simply connecting an eligible Smart TV to the Internet through a LAN-line or Wi-Fi network. For those who have agreed to the Smart Hub terms of use, relevant software upgrades are automatically initiated once connected to the internet so consumers can use the service instantly and without the need for further installment or registration. Users with cable TV and IPTV can join the fun by selecting TV PLUS on their Smart Hub home screens.