CYNORA, LG Display와 TADF 상용화 공동 개발 계약 연장 발표

TADF 개발 업체인 CYNORA는 LG Display와 공동 개발 계약을 연장했다고 발표했다. 두 회사는 2 년 동안 진한 청색(deep blue) TADF를 공동 개발한 것으로 알려졌으며, 이번 계약 연장을 통해 TADF 상용화를 위한 협력을 지속한다.

CYNORA에서 현재 개발 중인 최신 진한 청색 TADF 성능은 지난 8월 IMID 2018에서 공개된 바 있다. 당시 언급된 성능 중 CIEy는 0.13, 1000 nits 기준 EQE는 20%, 700 nits에서 LT97은 15시간이다.

또한, CYNORA는 조명 애플리케이션용 연한 청색(sky blue) TADF와 디스플레이용 녹색 TADF도 개발할 것이라고 언급했다.

CYNORA의 Gildas Sorin CEO는 “현재 CYNORA는 OLED TV용 진한 청색 TADF 개발에 초점을 맞추고있다”라고 말하면서 “그 동안 진행 청색 TADF을 개발하며 축적 된 노하우를 통해 조명 애플리케이션용 연한 청색 TADF와 OLED 디스플레이용 녹색 TADF을 개발 할 것”이라고 밝혔다.

[IMID 2018] Can Blue TADF and Hyperfluorescence meet both efficiency and lifetime?

At IMID 2018 in Busan, BEXCO on August 31, Junji Adachi, CEO of Kyulux disclosed the performance of hyperfluorescence, which adds TADF dopant to the existing fluorescent host and dopant.

The color coordinates of the yellow hyperfluorescence revealed by Junji Adachi are (0.49, 0.50), the FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum) is 76 nm, the EQE is 15.7% on 1000 nit basis, and the LT50 is 62,000 hours by 1000 nit. And the color coordinates of the green hyperfluorescence are (0.28, 0.65), the FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum) is 31 nm, the EQE is 20.6% on 1000 nit basis, and the LT50 of 1,000 nit is 48,000 hours.

Junji Adachi also revealed the performance of Blue hyperfluorescence, which is currently under development. The maximum emission wavelength of the blue hyperfluorescence is 470 nm, the EQE at 1000 nit is 22%, and the LT50 at 750 nit is 100 hours. In particular, he predicted that the performance of Blue hyperfluorescence would be further improved in the future, saying that it began to improve rapidly in the first half of 2018.

In the following announcement, Dr. Georgios Liaptsis of CYNORA explained about the deep Blue under development, emphasizing that the wavelength should be 460 nm and the CIEy should be within 0.15. He revealed its performance, adding that CYNORA has been carrying out the necessary research to make the lifetime of deep Blue as long as that of sky Blue even with phenomenon that the life span is getting longer as the Blue goes closer to the sky Blue

Fluorescent blue is currently used for the Blue of all OLED applications. Attention is growing whether Blue TADF or Blue Fluorescence can be commercialized to realize better efficiency and lifetime than existing fluorescent blue.