Visionox Unveils Newest Flexible AMOLED Panel

On July 10, Visionox unveiled newest flexible AMOLED panel of rollable type through their website. The unveiled flexible AMOLED has the curvature radius of 3mm with 20um of thickness, and can be curled into a cylinder.


Visionox revealed that they are “concentrating on flexible AMOLED development and aiming for mass production within 2 years”.


Not only are Visionox working on flexible AMOLED panel development, they are also participating in international flexible display standardization and diverse international standards establishment on OLED. Visionox is scheduled to begin active mass production of mobile rigid AMOLED panel from Kunshan’s Gen5.5 line.


Visionox’s Flexible AMOLED Panel, Source: Visionox

Visionox’s Flexible AMOLED Panel, Source: Visionox


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