LG Display wins 2014 Popular Science Innovation Awards

LG Display (CEO Han Sang-beom, 韓相範 / www.lgdisplay.com) announced that the world’s first 18-inch flexible OLED that they developed won the ‘Best of What’s New 2014’ by the Popular Science in July.

The world’s largest science magazine, the Popular Science annually announces the innovative technologies and products of the year since 1987, and LG Display’s 18-inch flexible OLED received high praise in that it has realized the next generation future display.

LG Display’s award received flexible OLED is the world’s biggest OLED with the specifics including 18-inch size, 100 mega pixel HD level resolution (1200 × 810) as well as a 30R radius of curvature, meaning it can be rolled up to a radius of 3cm without influencing the function of the display and the possibility to realize large area rollable TV over 50-inch.

For the moment, the Transparent Flexible Display (TFD) is part of the national project of the future industry leading technology development program (new market creation type) led by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy and the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology. LG Display is leading this project in the aim of developing transparent and rollable large display over 60-inch by 2017 in participation with total 36 agencies of Industry-University-Institute.

Source  : LG Display

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