LG Chem., provide OLED lighting panel illuminate Tincan, the restaurant in London

LG Chem. continues its intense marketing activities for the OLED lighting. The OLED lighting panels were applied inside the Hanoak (traditional Korean house), remodeled with the IVAAIU City Planning last August, and the butterflied shaped lightings applying 240 OLED lighting panels were supplied to the caf? called Marley coffee in Itaewon. And the circular type OLED lighting panels were used to decorate Tincan, a newly opened pop-up restaurant in London in last September.


The OLED light used as the light source at Tincan was the Φ100 OLED Light panel (N6OA30) that the LG Chem. introduced early this year for the first time. The efficacy of the panel is 60lm/W, a high CRI is over 90, and the lifetime is 40,000 hours (LT70) at 3,000 cd/m2, with only 1mm in thickness. The Lamp was designed by the architectural design firm AL_A using 3D printing.


LG Chem. is leading the OLED lighting panel business most actively as making the announcement last September for the release of the OLED lighting panel in November which will be equivalent to a LED lighting with the efficacy of 100lm/W and the lifetime of 40,000, and it has secured various lighting companies like Acuity and Zumtobel as a client.


< LG Chem.’s OLED lighting panel installed at Tincan>


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