LG Display Reports Performance, Focus on Structure Differentiation Through OLED TV

On April 22, LG Display reported their first quarter of 2015 performance announcing their success in OLED TV market entrance with balanced results in mass production yield rate, timing, and management. They also revealed their panel production targets of 600,000 units this year, and 1,500,000 units in 2016.


LG Display’s CFO Sang-don Kim announced that “OLED TV was about technology innovation until last year, this year it will be innovation in consumers and yield rate, and by next year it will be decided whether it has popularization potential”. He added LG Display will “focus on increasing the business values rather than immediate profit and methodically proceed with OLED focused strategy for structural differentiation in large size display”. He also revealed LG Display will decide on additional investment after observing OLED TV market’s growth potential.


Regarding China’s BOE Gen10.5 investment, a recent issue, he forecast “much time is needed to begin set up and if Chinese companies run into problems while working on enlarging the display it is estimated that they will return to 30inch. Therefore LG Display’s large area panel sales will not be much affected”. He explained in regards to LG Display’s Gen10.5 large area LCD investment that it will be decided after careful examination considering the cost and market maturity.


LG Display also revealed a decrease in sales in small to mid-size display, such as tablet, due to seasonal factors. However for large size display, they announced as a result of improved performance, the total business profit recorded approx. 687 million USD, an 11% increase compared to the previous quarter (approx. 578 million USD), and showed surplus in business profit for the 12 consecutive quarters.

LG Display CFO Sang-don Kim

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