Samsung Display, to break through crisis with diversification of OLED customer!

Samsung Display is speeding up to be post-Samsung Electronics. The world’s sole OLED panel that Samsung Display manufactures is applied to most of the products by Samsung Electronics’ IM Division. Samsung Display expected to expand the OLED panel market as building the A2 line additionally in 2013 but the Smartphone Galaxy S5 did not measure up to the expectations resulting gradual decrease of factory operation rate a long with the sales.

The diversification of customers is required at this moment in the Samsung Display’s AMOLED panel industry which heavily relies on Samsung Electronics. And the result of those efforts begins to appear in the tablet PC area. In the last month, Dell revealed the tablet PC Venue 8 7000 using the Samsung Display’s 8-inch AMOLED panel (refer to the OLEDNET article posted on November 4), and now Fujitu released the tablet PC ARROW Tab F-03G with 10.5-inch AMOLED panel. ( Fujitsu is emphasizing the excellent picture quality of the tablet PC with AMOLED panel compared to the product made of LCD.

It has been only half a year since the OLED was applied to the tablet PC and yet, it is anticipated to be applied by a wide range of industries from next year given that global set companies begin to use OLED.



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