[Press Release] Opening Ceremony of new Novaled Headquarters(Dresden, Germany, June 2019)

Investment of 30 million Euros in Novaled Headquarters with state-of-the-art R & D center for OLED cutting-edge technology in Dresden, Germany

After 2 years of construction Novaled GmbH opened its new headquarters in Dresden on June, 12th together with long-standing business partners and supporters. Besides representatives of Samsung SDI, the Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, and the First Mayor of the city of Dresden, Dirk Hilbert, participated in the event.

Core of the 10,200 m² premises in the northern part of the city is a 110 m long R & D center with chemistry laboratories as well as cleanrooms of class ISO5 and ISO7 equipped at highest standards. The new location is an improvement all along the line. Additional space in cleanrooms allowed for investments in cluster tools. This increased the OLED processing capacity by around 40%. The generously planned chemistry laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary analytics are a true quantum leap in the development of new materials for high-performance OLEDs.

Novaled is currently the only supplier of organic dopants for OLED display mass production in the industry. Know-how and materials from Dresden enhance therefore most high end smartphones, TVs and smart watches, equipped with OLED displays.

“State-of-the-art cleanrooms, three times more lab space and entirely new facilities offer the best conditions for innovation,” said Novaled CEO Gerd Günther. The company started back in 2003 with five key patents concerning organic electronics. Meanwhile there are nearly 1,000 Novaled patents granted or pending. “Our technologies and materials are established as an industry standard in the OLED display field,” said Gerd Günther. “Novaleds revenues clearly show that we are growing even stronger than the market.”

In addition to the construction of a new technical center, the former mill of the army bakery was extensively renovated and Novaled employees get to work there in loft-like, bright offices. A green outdoor area offers an attractive environment for meetings and relaxation. During the opening ceremony, a birch tree was planted by Novaled CEO Gerd Günther, Samsung SDI Executive Vice President Dr. Hyuk Chang , the Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer and the First Mayor of Dresden, Dirk Hilbert and. “The birch is a known symbol for light and a new beginning, representing what we do in our new premises,” explained Gerd Günther.

About Novaled

Novaled GmbH is a leader in the research, development and commercialization of technologies and materials that enhance the performance of OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) and other organic electronics. Novaled offers OLED product manufacturers a unique combination of proprietary technology, materials and expertise, and is currently the only company in the OLED industry licensing and selling organic conductivity doping technology and materials for use in the commercial mass production of display products. Novaled has developed strategic partnerships with key OLED innovators and producers throughout the world and, with a broad portfolio of more than 980 patents granted or pending, has a strong IP position in OLED technologies, structures and materials. Novaled is headquartered in Dresden with some 135 staff and offices in Asia. Since end of 2013 Novaled belongs to Samsung. www.novaled.com


About OLEDs

OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) are solid-state devices composed of multiple thin layers of organic materials often only a few nanometers thick that emit diffuse light when electricity is applied to them. Because they are an area light source, OLEDs are a key part of fulfilling the dream of the rapidly growing flat panel display market: paper-thin, highly-efficient displays with brilliant colors and excellent design flexibility. OLEDs may also lead to innovative decorative lighting applications and personalized environments. www.novaled.com/oleds/

Corner Stone Foundation for Novaled Premises in Dresden


<Source : Novlaed>

June 12, Novaled celebrates the corner stone foundation for the new company premises at Elisabeth-Boer-Strasse 9 in Dresden. On the 10,200 m² site in the north of Dresden, the Old Mill, which is under monument protection, will be renovated and transformed into a prestigious office building. As a new building, a 110-meter-long R&D plant with the best-equipped research area, clean rooms of class ISO5 and ISO7 as well as laboratories are being built. Works for the floor plate and walls of the R&D plant as well as the partial de-coring of the mill have begun. The new company headquarters offers Novaled enough space for further growth. After completion of the construction measures, the team will be able to use an area of 6,160 m² in the buildings – the best conditions for the development of materials for premium OLEDs and organic electronics.


With the purchase of the property and the decision to invest over 25 million euros in the Dresden location, Samsung SDI as Novaled parent company has made a very clear commitment to the economic region and to Novaled. Together with the city of Dresden and the state of Saxony, this step was successfully launched.

“The advantages of the new company location are obvious: best accessibility for customers, suppliers and employees; a very good infrastructure; state-of-the-art equipment and ample space for our creative team, “says Gerd Günther, CEO of Novaled. “These are the best prerequisites for driving innovation, opening up new markets, winning customers and their applications, and ensuring sustainable growth in Saxony.”

Novaled is currently worldwide the only supplier of organic dopants for OLED display mass production. The doping technology of the Samsung subsidiary Novaled is meanwhile a quasi-industry standard. Dresden’s know-how and materials are thus found in most smartphones, tablets and other devices with OLED displays. Also OLED lighting applications like Audi TT tail lights or applications like organic solar cells use Novaled technologies and materials for being high performant.

Source : Novaled


Expect to hit 1 trillion won in OLED emitting material market for 2017

The OLED emitting material market is expected to exceed 1 trillion won in 2017.

The OLED emitting material market grew by 15%, about US$ 650 million versus 2015 according to “OLED emitting material Report-2nd data spread sheet” of Ubi research and it expects to achieve about US$ 980 million that over 1 trillion won in terms of Korean currency in 2017.

A researcher of Ubi Research said, “Despite continued price declines of OLED emitting materials, the 15% growth of the OLED materials market has analyzed due to the increased operation ratio of Samsung Display and LG Display in 2016. The OLED emitting material market in 2017 will be sharply grow through in earnest operating of A3 line of Samsung Display and E4 line of LG Display invested in 2016.”

Additionally mentioned, “The OLED emitting materials companies should pay attention to the high operation ratio of OLED production lines in China in 2017. Although the quantities of consumed for OLED materials of current Chinese company are less, but, the investment in mass production lines for Gen6 flexible AMOLED panels is underway, and sales volume of AMOLED panel companies in China may expect to grow sharply in the OLED emitting materials market. Therefore, the OLED emitting material companies should concentrate sales business for China in order to grow.

As such, the competition among related companies is expected to intensify because the OLED emitting material market would be increasing sharply in 2017.

Meanwhile, according to the report on the major performance by company in 2016, Samsung SDI (including Novaled) ranked first, followed by Idemisu Kosan (Japan) and UDC (US).

<Performance of emitting material market in 2016 and Forecasting in 2017>

2017년 OLED 발광재료 시장 1조원 돌파 전망

2017년 OLED 발광재료 시장이 1조원을 넘어설 전망이다.

유비산업리서치의 “OLED emitting material Report-2nd data spread sheet” 따르면 2016년 OLED 발광재료 시장은 2015년 대비 15% 증가한 약 US$ 650 million으로 집계되었으며, 2017년에는 약 US$ 980 million, 한화로 환산하면 1조원을 넘어서는 규모가 될 것으로 전망했다.

유비산업리서치 관계자는 “OLED 발광재료의 지속적인 가격하락에도 불구하고 2016년 삼성디스플레이와 LG Display의 가동률 증가에 따라 2016년 OLED 발광재료 시장이 15% 상승한 것으로 분석된다. 또한 2017년에는 2016년 투자가 진행된 LG Display의 E4 line 과 삼성디스플레이의 A3 line 이 본격적으로 가동됨에 따라 OLED 발광재료 시장도 큰 폭으로 성장할 것으로 기대된다.” 라고 밝혔다.

또한 “2017년에는 중국업체들의 OLED 양산라인 가동률이 높아질 것으로 예상되어 OLED 발광재료 업체들에서도 주시 해야할 것” 이라며, “현재 중국업체들의 OLED 발광재료 사용량은 적지만 대규모의 Gen6 flexible AMOLED panel 양산라인 투자가 진행 중이기 때문에 앞으로의 OLED 발광재료 시장에서 중국 AMOLED panel 업체향 매출이 급격히 성장할 것으로 기대된다. 따라서 OLED 발광재료 업체들의 성장을 위해서는 중국향 영업에 집중 해야할 것”이라 언급했다.

이처럼 2017년에는 OLED 발광재료 시장이 큰 폭으로 상승하면서 관련 업체들의 경쟁도 심화될 것으로 예상된다.

한편 보고서에 따르면 2016년 주요 업체별 실적에서는 Samsung SDI(Novaled 포함) 1위를 차지했으며, 일본의 Idemisu Kosan이 2위, 미국의 UDC가 3위로 조사되었다.

<2016년 AMOLED 발광재료 시장 실적과 2017년 전망>

2015 OLED Emitting Materials Market, Dow Chem and LG Chem in Slump…Why?

Hyunjoo Kang / Reporter /jjoo@olednet.com



In the midst of UDC`s domination of 2015 global materials market, with Japanese Idemitsu Kosan`s rapid growth and slump of emitting materials companied, there has been changes to the enviroment.

According to [2016 OLED Emitting Materials Annual Report] to be published by UBI Research in mid-April, the 2015 global emitting materials market recorded approximately a 17% growth compared to 2014



UDC’s revenue decreased from previous year, but remained at the top, the same as 2014. UDC was closely followed by Idemitsu Kosan despite its fourth place in 2014.

Such growth of Idemitsu Kosan is mainly due to its supply expansion in regards to Korean companies such as Samsung Display and LG Display. In 2015, Idemitsu Kosan began actively supplying Samsung Display with blue materials. Together with the increase in Idemitsu Kosan’s client LG Display’s OLED panel for TV mass production line’s operation rate, Idemitsu Kosan’s supply increased.


2015 Global OLED Emitting Materials Market Ranking
Source: UBI Research, 2016 OLED Emitting Materials Annual Report

◆ Samsung Display to Determine Up and Down of Companies

On the other hand, some OLED emitting materials companies that ranked high until 2014 showed poor performance. Dow Chem., that reached the second place in 2014 after UDC in revenue, fell to the fourth place in 2015 due to a big sales decrease. The third and fifth companies in 2014, LG Chem and Duksan Neolux respectively, fell below fifth place in 2015 due to the same reason.

Dow Chem. and Duksan Neolux are analyzed have recorded sales decrease in comparison to 2014 due to the supply chain changes of Samsung Display. In the case of LG Chem, the sales fell as the Samsung Display’s supply volume decreased.

However, Samsung SDI recorded sales increase, and entered within the top 5 in 2015. This company’s performance improved as it supplied Samsung Display with green host.

The company that recorded greatest growth is a Germany company Novaled that Samsung SDI, then Cheil Industries, took over. This company recorded approximately 150% revenue increase compared to previous year, and reached the third place in 2015 following UDC and Idemitsu Kosan. With the increase in OLED panel for TV mass production line’s operation rate, Novaled’s revenue greatly increased.

UBI Research estimated that in 2016, LG Display’s OLED TV mass production line operation rate and Galaxy Note series’ material structure, to be mass produced in the second half, will greatly affect revenue of OLED emitting materials companies.

2015년 발광재료 시장, 이데미츠 코산 등 약진·LG 등 부진

2015년 글로벌 OLED Material 시장. 출처=유비산업리서치 ‘2016 OLED 발광 재료 보고서’


강현주 기자 / jjoo@olednet.com

2015년 전세계 발광재료 시장은 UDC가 패권을 사수한 가운데, 일본 업체인 Idemitsu Kosan의 눈부신 성장, 일부 한국 발광재료 업체들의 부진 등으로 지각변동이 있었다.

유비산업리서치(UBI Research)가 이달 중순 발간할 예정인 ‘2016 OLED 발광재료 보고서에 따르면 지난해 전세계 발광재료 시장 매출액은 전년 대비 약 17%의 성장을 기록했다.

UDC는 다소 매출이 하락했지만 2014년에 이어 1위를 지켰다. 뒤이어 지난해 4위에 그쳤던 Idemitsu Kosan2015년에는 매출 성장을 달성해 2위에 등극, UDC를 바짝 쫓았다.

Idemitsu Kosan의 이 같은 성장은 삼성디스플레이와 LG디스플레이 등 한국 기업들에 대한 공급을 확대한 것이 주요인이다. Idemitsu Kosan2015년부터 본격적으로 삼성디스플레이에 블루 재료를 공급하기 시작했다. 이와 함께 Idemitsu Kosan의 고객사인 LG디스플레이의 TVOLED 패널 양산라인의 가동률이 증가함에 따라 Idemitsu Kosan의 공급이 늘어났다.

2015년 글로벌 OLED Material 시장 업체별 순위(출처=유비산업리서치 ‘2016 OLED 발광재료 보고서’)

◆삼성디스플레이가 업체들 희비 좌우

반면 2014년까지 높은 순위들을 차지했던 몇몇 업체들은 저조한 기록했다. 2014UDC에 이어 매출액 점유율 2위였던 Dow Chem.은 전년대비 큰 폭의 매출 하락으로 2015년에는 4위에 그쳤다. 20143위였던 LG Chem.5위였던 Duksan Neolux도 역시 전년대비 매출 하락으로 2015년에는 5위권 밖으로 밀려났다.

Dow Chem. Duksan NeoluxSamsung Display supply chain 변경에 영향을 받아 매출액이 2014년 대비 감소한 것으로 분석된다. LG Chem.의 경우 Samsung Display의 공급량 감소 때문에 매출이 줄었다.

Samsung SDI5위권 안에 진입했다. 이 업체는 Samsung Display에 그린 호스트를 공급하면서 실적이 개선됐다.

가장 큰 폭의 성장을 기록한 업체는 Samsung SDI에서 제일모직시절 인수한 독일 업체 Novaled. 이 업체는 전년대비 약 150%의 매출 성장을 달성하며 2015UDC, Idemitsu Kosan에 이어 단숨에 3위에 등극했다. TV OLED panel 양산라인의 가동률이 증가하면서 Novaled는 매출액이 큰폭으로 상승했다.

유비산업리서치 관계자는 “2016년에는 LG Display OLED TV 양산라인 가동률과 하반기 양산될 Galaxy Note series의 재료 구조에 따라 발광재료업체들의 매출액에 큰 영향을 끼칠 것이라고 전망했다.