[Analyst Column] G Watch R and Galaxy Gear S Structures and Disassembling Video

G Watch R and Galaxy Gear S by LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics respectively were disassembled to see their structures. First of all, much of the internal and external design concepts were quite similar. Claiming to be the classical sports type watch, the G Watch R is a smart watch emphasizing the sense of watch rather than its diverse smart functions while Galaxy Gear S was produced with a design of fashion watch. From dismantling both products, it was revealed that for G Watch R, the plastic OLED display which corresponds to the plate of watch is attached to the glass of the watch as shown by removing the back plate by unscrewing from the back side just like a regular watch and internal components, but for Galaxy Gear S, the flexible OLED panel was attached to the front side with adhesive so that the window detaches as applying heat to the front side.


<LG Electronics G Watch R>



141210_GearS< Samsung Electronics Galaxy Gear S>


  In terms of the module design aspect including display, G Watch R shows dualised touch whereas Galaxy Gear S shows neatly unified look as FPCB. As the flexible OLED that Samsung Display is producing uses the touch screen of on-cell method, there is only one FPCB but for the plastic OLED of LG Display, it has the touch of add-on method, expected to have two FPCB to give signals.



<Panel of Gear S (Left) and G Watch R (Right)>


  The radiation design is critical in the smart watch as a variety of components are concentrated in it. In case of G Watch R, the sections for the plastic OLED and electronic components are divide with a radiation sheet in between. For Galaxy Gear S, there is a small radiation sheet in the plastic component which separates the metal Foil assumed to be the Cu film to reduce heat generated from the display in the back side of display (refer to the image above) and component.



<Gear S (Left) and G Watch R (Right)’s Module>


Overall, the conclusion drawn from disassembling both products analyzed that G Watch R took the design of classical watch not only for the look but also the internal structures while Galaxy Gear S, the strong one in the smart phone market, seems to be a fashionable device inheriting the genes of a smart phone.


Yi Choong-hoon /Chief Analyst / UBI Research / ubiyi@ubiresearch.co.kr

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