[Euroluce 2015] Enter OLED Lighting Cheaper Than LED

An area has emerged where OLED lighting can exceed LED’s price competitiveness.


In LG Chem’s booth in Euroluce 2015 (April 14-19, 2015), a British company Mackwell’s OLED lighting applied emergency system was exhibited. Mackwell applied LG Chem’s OLED lighting panel to the emergency system used in cases of fire/blackout instead of existing LED lighting reducing the overall system installation cost. Mackwell is known to be preparing for commercialization.


LG Chem explained that “construction, excluding lighting, accounts for the 30-50% of total cost for interior lighting. LED lighting requires separate space for installation making construction cost a necessity, but as OLED lighting does not need additional construction this can be reduced. Although OLED lighting’s unit price is higher than LED’s, overall interior cost can be reduced if OLED lighting is used resulting in cheaper price”.


Regarding this, one LED expert observed that, “a certain distance is required between the LED lighting source and device, therefore LED installation space is additionally required and increases the cost” and “if the construction cost could be reduced from interior lighting it would be a great advantage”.


As shown, areas where merits of OLED lighting are actively used are emerging rapidly such as interior, medical, and vehicular lighting. If the cost competitiveness can be achieved from active investment by OLED lighting companies, not only the OLED lighting exclusive market could be created but existing lighting market could be replaced.


Mackwell’s Emergency Luminaire

Mackwell’s Emergency Luminaire

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