[Analyst Column]The key technology to realize 8K OLED TV is transparent hybrid encapsulation technology

Choong-hoon Yi / Chief Analyst / UBI Research ubiyi@ubiresearch.co.kr

Along with LG Electronics, Panasonic and Skyworth joined the UHD TV industry as releasing the 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch UHD OLED TVs at CES2015.

In response to this, the LCD TV manufacturers unveiled numerous new LCD TVs at CES2015 combining different technologies of QD, HDR, and curved design.

OLED is catching up with LCD in terms of resolution and LCD began to compete with OLED in respect of curvature and color.

There were competitions with regard to resolution between OLED and LCD in the history of smartphones. As the resolution of small and medium LCD improves in order to distinguish itself from OLED starting from 200ppi in 2010 to over 500ppi through the Retina (326ppi), OLED accomplished the equivalent resolution through the FMM mask and pentile technologies.

The LCD TV industries are anticipated to develop products with ultrahigh resolution in consideration of the small and medium OLED. And the OLED TV industries are reviewing the technologies to answer to this trend of ultrahigh resolution.

The resolution over 8K is available for OLED TV by either converting the bottom emission structure which is currently applied to the existing 4K OLED TV to the top emission structure with higher aperture ratio or producing the RGB OLED panel with the solution process.

Sony already developed and introduced the world’s first 4K OLED TV with the top emission technology at CES2013. Employed for Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy series, the top emission structure can be applied to a large area but the complication is in the transparent encapsulation.



It is hard to use the frit technology currently used in small and medium to a large OLED for its durability issue. The hybrid encapsulation method using the transparent encapsulation film emerges as the optimum alternative and the developments are set in that direction.

The substantial market growth is expected as the transparent hybrid encapsulation technology is critical in realizing a large area flexible OLED and transparent OLED besides the ultrahigh resolution using the top emission.




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