Sony unveils Head Mounted Display (HMD) for medical care

Sony displayed a system, which enables you to check endoscope video through Head Mounted Display (HMD) at International Modern Hospital Show 2014 held from July 16th to 18th, 2014. For the existing endoscopy surgery, posture restriction exists because the procedure requires external monitoring. With Sony’s new product, surgery, however, can be performed without the posture restriction.

This specialized product for medical purpose weights only about 490g which enables an operator to perform in a standing position. It doesn’t fully cover eyes of an operator by changing the shape of wearable belt so that the operator can visually check surgery device by lowering the eyes without taking it off.

This medical HMD is installed with Sony’s OLED display and shows images on the OLED display individually thus crosstalk is not that large and doesn’t induce dizziness during its use.

 Sony consulted with doctors to develop this system and said that demand for this competitive system will increase as 3D endoscope increases.

140717_sonyHMD 140717_SonyHMDin

<Sony’s Head Mounted Display(left), Picture of wearing HMD(right), Source : Monoist>

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