[CES2015] Keyword for this event is “connectivity”

With only two more days left, CES 2015’s biggest concern can be characterized in one word “connectivity”” Until now, CES welcomed visitors with thousands of booths presenting a wide variety of electronics commensurate with the reputation of the event as the best electronics show in the world. The space connecting Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony, and Panasonic was the largest area occupying the event, devoted to hardware such as audio, cellphone, etc. besides TV. For ten years, the exhibited functions were of connecting a home from outside using a smart TV with internet and two-way communication but the recent trend introduces functions controlling appliances at home with individual cellphones from outside. Add to this the development of ‘Internet of Things’ as a key technology magnified the issue of the “connective technology” at this CES.

The most outstanding feature of CES2015 is the participation of renowned automobile companies, showing off numerous spectacles as combining an electronics exhibition with automobile exhibition. It is because an automobile from a mechanical perspective of opening doors and starting a car before driving, and controlling a handle, gear and pedals while driving has evolved to the extent of becoming an electronics with the explosion of connected functions as applying various components used in electronics including the Internet of Things technology, HUD, touch screen, sensor, etc. and automation function such as software technology, unmanned driving system, etc. The biggest influence on converting a car into an electronics is the “connective technology”, linking a hu     man and a car.

Benz presented the future concept car F015, demonstrating how a car will be used in the future society while Audi enabled touch controlling of an automobile system and Hyundai revealed the unmanned driving system as well as the technology of automatically controlling a car through a sensor as display on the HUD (head-up-display) in real time of the diverse road environments expected to encounter while driving.

150109_CES2015 이번 행사의 key word는 “connective”

150109_CES2015 이번 행사의 key word는 “connective”_2

150109_CES2015 이번 행사의 key word는 “connective”_3

150109_CES2015 이번 행사의 key word는 “connective”_4

The world of automobile has improved to such a degree to connect a smart device like a smartphone and smart watch to start a car without a key. Of course these smart devices are already developing the embedded health care function of measuring HR (heart rate).

150109_CES2015 이번 행사의 key word는 “connective”_5

This CES 2015 proves the realization of a new world of in our lives connecting a smartphone, a wearable device, an automobile, and others focused on a human.

150109_CES2015 이번 행사의 key word는 “connective”_6



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